Saturday, October 20, 2018

odds or evens

Jesse and Jake did as ordered.  Soon rawhide tightly bound their wrists.  Their pockets were emptied and they climbed into  the back of the truck.  Laying on their arms, their ankles were bound.

He knotted two bandannas in the middle, shoved the  knot between their teeth and tied it around their heads.

He took the butt of his rifle and pointed it at their sweaty faces.  "Like I said, no trouble, hear?"

Jesse and Jake nodded their heads.  Tied up there was not much they could so, as one road in the back with them, tracing his rifle on their sweaty shirts as they drove off.  "You better hope Daddy pays up
at once.  If he don't, I'll have to torture you boys on a live facebook feed!"


They dragged the boys into a barn where two nooses were
hanging from a rafter.

Jesse and Jake panicked when they saw the nooses.  They began to struggle but to no avail:
they were standing, their necks in the nooses, tight.

They roped Jesse and Jake's elbows together behind their backs.  Then they moved the boys back to back and bound each one's biceps to the other.

Pushing their shirts over their heads, with a wide marker they wrote ODDS across Jesse's chest and EVENS on Jake.

Then they called Mr. Benson and showed their bound strung up sons.

"See, Benson, you will transfer $10 million dollars in the next hour to the account in the Cayman islands......

...for if you don't, I will toss the dice, and the winner will be slowly tortured to death as his brother is helpless to save him and you watch!"

All the bound brothers could do was wait and sweat as he tossed the dice over and over for the next hour, saying "ODDS" or "EVENS."

Friday, October 19, 2018


There were three of them.
Two began to rope up the Jensen boys while the third covered them with an AKA assault rifle.
They hijacked them and their truck.
Now they would be hogtied.

 We turned around and faced the wall.
They looped a strong rope around my arms just above my elbows and pulled my arms together.  Roping my elbows off they secured my wrists. I could not believe how tight it was and the waves of agony that went from my neck down my back.  My chest heaved out, breathing was labored and I was sweating like a pig.  I yelled in pain but they shoved a old rag in my mouth and taped my head.  Kicking my legs from under me I crashed onto the floor.  They secured my upper arms with ropes around my chest and biceps, then tied my thighs, knees and feet,  Bending my legs back and pulling my hair they roped my ankles to my neck.

Helpless now with no chance to escape I watched them bind my brother.

When they finished binding me, they checked our ropes one last time, and left with our truck.  I could see Jesse's neck was raw from rope burn.  If I moved at all, the rope around my neck just got tighter.  So we had to lay there, still, looking at each others sweaty gagged faces. 

My arms were at the breaking point.  They had tied my biceps in a way that they were only two inches apart!

It felt that my shoulders were being torn from my body.

Then we both realized that they left us to die here.

And out gagged screams for help echoed off our prision

Sunday, October 7, 2018

100818 JO Pic of the week: Gag him!

Have a good night!

Nineteen year old Jacob could not believe what was happening to him and his buddies.
It was just a fishing trip with friends.
They did not know they were trespassing.
They tried to explain, to say sorry and promise to leave.

But here Jacob was.

On his gut on the dirt.

Two guys looping camo rope around his arms behind his back, from shoulder to wrists.

And then they both yanked at the loose ends...

And Jacob screamed until they gagged the boy.

For the lashing forced his arms together at the elbows..... and the cords cut into his upper arms.

Josh tried at first to fight them off.  A Marine on
leave --- he was quickly overpowered and beat up.

Laying on the ground and his wrists being tied, his wallet fell out of his back pocket and they found
his military id.

They laughed as they bound him tighter than
Jacob.  Since he was bare chested after they
lashed his arms together the circled his whole
upper torso with ropes from his neck to his waist until Josh's whole body has ropes digging deep into his
chest and gut.

A few kicks to his head left the young Marine
half conscious.

With Frankie's arms bound behind his back, they
roped his legs:  just above his knees and his ankles.

As with his friends, a rolled up bandanna was shoved down his throat and a knotted bandanna between his teeth tightly gagged him.

Another bandanna covered his eyes.

He was lifted up over somebody's shoulder....

Dumped into a vehicle with his buddies.

And after Paulo was dumped in, they drove off with the
four bound and gagged men in a cold sweat.

It was hell.  They dragged us from the truck and they threw noosed around a tree.  We could not see but I could feel the noose going around my head and tightening on my neck.  Our gagged terrorized screams broke the silence of the night as we were sure we were going to be lynched!  My neck was stretched tight -- sweat dripped off me face.  Somebody slapped my face a few times...   Have a good night....

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Nice and tight

When Jake and Josh saw the old rope there were to be tied with, they felt a pit of fear in their stomach.
It was going to hurt.  Hurt a lot.
"Nice and tight," he said.
They were facing the wall now, with the arms behind their backs.  They broke out into a cold sweat as the rope was looped around both their arms, beginning at their shoulders, then down their biceps, elbows forearms and wrists.
It pinched and itched.
When it was in place two of them yanked the the ends, and the ropes tightened, forcing their arms as close as possible.  The rope burn felt like their arms were being amputated.  They looked at each other as now blood was oozing around the ropes, giving them a reddish color.

"Please loosen them.  Your cutting our arms up!"
"Give another yank and make them tighter."
This time they screamed.  Some old rags were shoved down their throats and tied in place with rope between their teeth, causing it to cut into the sides of their mouth and cheeks.

They stripped the boys of their jeans, and roped their legs like their arms.

Then, putting each one over one of their abductors shoulders, they were dumped into the back of their own van, hogtied ankles to wrists, and taken for a long drive.


The pain was excruciating.
It was torture.
Any movement of our arms or legs only increased the agony.
The sweat on our tank tops mixed with the blood from our backs, giving them a pinkish color.

I thought I would puke, but realized  if I did I would choke on my own vomit.
It seemed like an eternity they drove.  When the finally stopped they opened the van door.  Before I could see were we were they took duct tape that was with our supplies and taped up our eyes and gags.
We were dragged by our legs into a building....

Our hands were taped into fists so our fingers could not reach the knots.

We were now standing, back to back, arms to arms, as the mummified our bodies together with duct tape from our necks to our feet.

They kicked out our legs from under us, and we crashed onto a wooden floor.

We were now sweating and bleeding profusely, however our arms were totally numb and we no longer felt the pain.

I could hear them laughing as they took photos of us.

And then they began to drink.

My whole body jerked....
So did my buddies.....

Now we were squirming, bringing back the agony as the ropes sawed into our skin.

The drunken bastards were tickling our feet!

Friday, September 21, 2018

The smoke

They tied Jesse and Jake's wrists behind their backs.  For an hour they had tried to outrun the Vega boys, to no avail.  Exhausted, soaked with sweat, now they were being abducted.

With their wrists tied they dumped each one of them into a quad.  Roping their ankles, they took off in the darkness.  

They were dumped on the floor.

They tied their elbows together.
They bent their legs and tied
their ankles to their thighs.
They ripped off their shirts
and formed tight gags.

They pushed them, back to back.
They bound their wrists and elbows
Each bicep was bound to the
other boy.
They tied their necks.

They kicked them to the trap door and threw them down the hole.  They closed the door and
nailed it shut.

They struggled desperately to free themselves.
To no avail.
Their gagged screams went unheard.

Finally they stopped.
Rope and laying in their sweat.

It was then they they smelt the smoke.