Sunday, July 15, 2018

Beaten. Bound. Buried alive.

They pulled their arms behind their backs, crossed their wrists, and tightly secured them with a rough hemp rope. Held by their arms, they were gut punched until they collapsed.  Their ankles were tied.

The boys had hoped that they would be tied up and not shot.  They never anticipated
 being beaten, bound and taken.

"They shoved a rag in my mouth and another rag was put between my teeth and tied around my head.
 I was grabbed over somebody's shoulder and carried outside and dumped into a trailer.  They bent my legs and tied my wrists to my ankles.  My friends were dumped next to me.  They closed the back of the trailer and we drove for hours."

When the trailer stopped they cut my hogtie and dragged me out by my feet.  It was muddy and swampy.  I could see a ladder sticking out of a hole.

They roped my elbows together and weaved it around my upper arms, cutting deep into my biceps and triceps.  They they dragged me to the hole, put my feet over it and loved me down a good twelve feet, wrenching my shoulders from their sockets!

They lowered the four of us down into the hole.  We were standing, facing each other. It was so fucking tight we almost could not breath, so squashed were our bodies together.  Bound as we were and helpless, we became a pool of sweat looking up their smiling faces.

We were screaming as much as our gag allowed as they shoveled dirt on top of us.  We scrapped the skin off our arms and wrists desperately trying to free ourselves.
The kept piling the dirt on top of us until it reached our chins. 

They they stopped.

They took many wood branches and covered the hole.

Then they drove away and left us.

As the sound of thunder got louder and louder.....

Overcoming the sound of our gagged screams.....

as the water began to flood down on us.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hansen's revenge

Jake, 21,  had been watching the live feed sent to him.  His younger brother Drew, 19, was being beaten and bound.  He had no choice to follow the GPS to where he was being held.  It was Dave Hansen who had abducted him.  Foreman of their father's ranch, fired by Ralph Jensen for mismanagement of funds.

Jake knew he was getting himself in deep shit.

But he followed instructions

And came into the old barn face to face with his tortured brother.

They pushed Drew to the ground and stripped off his shirt.
One grabbed his forearms and pushed them together while the other lashed them with a coarse strong rope.
The pushed a camera into his face as he screamed in pain.
They weaved the ropes between his upper arms, looping it around his biceps, and yanking the rope until his shoulders dislocated.
With Jake still watching the live feed, they kicked the bound youth into a pulp.
Finally they put a noose around his neck, and hoisted him off the floor.

"Are you going to follow instructions, Jake."
"Yes, just let him down!!!!!"
"The dropped drew to the ground, coughing and choking."
They sat him in a chair and the feed ended.

They bound Jake's arms behind his back as his brother arms were tied and ripped off his shirt.
The live feed was turned on again, this time for Mr. Jensen.
Jake was beaten with kicks and fists as Drew pleaded with them to stop. 
They put Jake on his feet and put him back to back with Drew.
Lashing their torsos and legs together, the dropped the noose again and put it around Drew's neck.

Dave Hansen's revenge was complete.  The left the cameras running, a close up on their faces, as they stood there, on their tip toes, knowing that if either on collapsed, Drew would choke to death.

All the brothers could do was scream for help, but there was nobody who could hear them.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Caught trying to escape

Eric and Justin were desperately trying to get to each other.

They had worked the ropes that tied them for hours with no luck.

All they were able to achieve was to push the duct tape around their eyes up to their foreheads.

Eric tried it first.... he turned his hogtied body around and, though he was on his back he ignored the cramps that formed in his thighs and turned again on his belly.   Justin did the same and after many attempts their bodies were close enough that they used their numb fingers to.....

The kicks to their balls....

To their sides.....

They were caught trying to untie each other.

Now they would pay.

They kicked Justin back on his belly.  His crossed wrists were tightly tied to his ankles.  They cut the hogtie, bent the 18 year olds legs, and tied his ankles to his thighs.  Weaving rope between his upper arms, that pulled his arms together so that his biceps were a scant few inches apart

Dropping a strong rope from the rafters, they tied it onto the rope between his biceps, and hoisted him up until his knees
were on the wooden floor.

Bent forward, his arms out from his back, he thought his shoulders would tear off his body.  The sweat dripped from his nose onto the floor.

Once they got Eric strung up facing Justin, they ripped of their shirts to bear there chests.  Then they bent their bodies back and shoved them together, chest to chest.

Tying their sweaty torsos together, they yanked up on to the ropes from the rafters until they were hoisted off the floor.

Their heads bent onto each others' collar bone.

Their heads were taped together.

They left them hanging in agony.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Two million dollars


 Jake and Josh had no choice but to surrender their arms behind their backs.  They were outnumbered and out gunned.


They had their truck
And now they had them.

They crossed their wrists.  The rope circled their wrists and tied between their hands, the knot behind their hands.  The knew what they were doing.  The knot impossible to reach with their numbing fingers.


One grabbed their forearms and pushed them together while another tied off their elbows
 just above the joint.

Their forearms changed to a blue tint as the blood was cut off.  Their veins were popping through their skin.

Already sweat soaked from standing under the hot sun, the sweat ran in rivulets down their faces and chests.

The were marched to the back of their pickup and climbed in.

They turned onto their backs, their body weight not pressing down on their tortured arms.

Their feet were tied.

Their shirts were torn.  Part was used as a blindfold. The rest was used as a gag.

One of their abductors climbed into the truck.

"Don't you boys fucking move or I will blow your heads off!"

They drove off.

Their guard tormented the bound brothers by tickling their bellies with the butt of his rifle.


We could not see.  But I knew we were driving on back dirt roads.  The truck bumped as we drove, only causing waves of agony on our arms.  "What the fuck are they going to do to us.  Why did the tie us up  They could have left us.  Are we hostages?  Are we being kidnapped?  The way my arms are bound is like torture."

As these thoughts ran through Jake's head the truck stopped.  He was grabbed, put over somebody's shoulder, carried into a building that has a creaky wooden floor and
dumped on the floor.

They put him on his knees and began to rope together his biceps.  The strain on his shoulders made him gag scream.  Then the roped up his whole torso, from his neck to his belly, tied his thighs and knees and calves.

"There making me into a rope mummy," he thought.

Shivering in fear in a cold sweat.

When they finished roping me up, they took duct
tape and tightly taped up our eyes and mouths.

They they dragged me until I was kneeling face to face with

They began to tape us together, from our necks down to our hips, making us rope and tape mummies. 

Kicking us we crashed onto our sides.

They bent my legs back, and tied my ankles to Jake's neck!

My ankles were hogtied to his.

"Guess you boys figured out we're holding you for ransom.  You better hope your family pays quickly, or...."

They poured gasoline over the bound brothers, now knowing what their fate will be if their family could not raise two million dollars.