Thursday, April 19, 2018

The sign


I got down on my knees.
The one with the blond hair put the butt of his rifle down my throat.
The one wearing the bandanna tied my wrists while the one with the bat weaved rope between my arms just above my elbows.
Then the two of them grabbed the rope ends and jerked, forcing my forearms together, shredding my skin.
I was screaming but he just push the butt of the gun further down my throat.
He pulled the gun out, and I reflexively puked.
A kick in my back made me crash to the ground.
With one of them pushing his boot into my bound elbows, he weaved more rope just above my biceps, at the shoulder, and again the two of the heaved the ends.
Now I could scream as I felt the ropes cut deep into my muscle and my shoulders dislocating.
They turned me onto my back, ripped off part of my shirt, and shoved it into my mouth.
Then they duct taped me head, gagging me.
Binding my legs just above my thighs and at my ankles,
I was dumped into the truck.

The one with the bat pulled me out of the truck and put me over his shoulder.
He carried me into the old barn.

He dumped me onto the floor.  Grabbing my hair, he pulled me to my knees and circled my whole torso with more ropes.  By now I was numb and dripping sweat from my head and blood from my
arms.  Throwing a rope over a beam in the rafters, he tied the two ends around my neck until I
at the point of choking.

 He ripped my shirt off, took the bat, and starting beating me.  He hit my gut, my chest and the back of my arms.  NO TRESPASSING!!! NO TRESPASSING!!! he kept screaming as the thuds continued and the sweat sprayed from my face.  When he finally broke one of my ribs, I slumped, choked, and then everything went dark!

When we finally gained consciousness the three of us, still bound and gagged, had been dumped by the river.  I turned my body as best as I could and put my arms in the water.  What a relief!!!

I turned to one of my friends and crawled as best I could and got my
face in his bound hands.  He pulled off my gag.  Blood came out of
my mouth.  I spit it out.

I could hardly speak, but I told him my plan.  I got my teeth onto the knots holding his wrists and elbows fast and began to pull them loose.  Soon he was able to have leverage in his lower.  I turned my
back toward him and he was able to untie me.  My hands and arms were trembling.  Puss oozed from the rope burns. 

I untied my friends.

We stumbled to our feet, put our arms around each other and began to walk for help, until I tripped and looked down, and in the dirt....

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Twenty-one year old Jeremy Santos

They dumped Jeremy onto the shed floor and finish binding him.  They had already roped his wrists, forearms and elbows together behind his back.

Taking the metal fence pole, they put it across his back, upper arms on top, and lashed each of his biceps to it.  A rope from between his wrists when between his legs and up around his waist, crushing his balls.  The roped his torso around his upper arms, lashing the pole deep into his back.

Dragging him into the shed, the tied his thighs and feet and hogtied his angles to the center of the pole.  Then with ropes around each of the protruding ends of the pole they hoisted they hogtied yout up off the floor.

They left him hanging.

Screaming in agony.

As a camera broadcast him live Mr. Santos.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Al Star Kidnap!

They had Benny in a choke hold.
With his wrists roped behind his back there was nothing he could do to defend himself from the fists pounding his gut.
Sweat spayed from his face as he struggled against those holding him.
The camera made a close up to his face as his grunts became louder.
Benny slumped.
They dropped the 19 year old to the floor.
Looping rope around his biceps down to his elbows they pulled his arms together, his biceps a scant 4 inches apart.
Benny was screaming and gasping for
breath as they gagged him, bound his knees and ankles, and hogtied his feet to his wrists.
The continued filming the terrified youth
gasping for each breath.

They videoed them tying up Josh.

They blindfolded him.

Kicking him to the floor the roped his ankles and hoisted him up.

Then the beat his gut.

Josh was swing back and forth.

Finally they dropped the 20 year old to the floor,

bent his legs back,

and tied his wrists to his ankles.

The screen went black as the heard the thuds and Chuck's screams!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Left hanging

Justin did as ordered.
The one with the black shirt came behind him, took out a length of
rope and quickly bound his crossed wrists.
Kicking him in the back, Justin
fell forward and landed hand on the floor.
He pulled his ankles together
and bound them.

Grabbing a wife beater that was on the floor, he tied it as a gag between his teeth and around his head.

Justin watched as they bound
Jason and Jonathan.

Now, bound hand and foot and
gagged, the young men waited for their next move.  Justin figured it would be easy enough to get free
once the left.

But the one with the black shirt went outside and came back holding a rag and...

He pour the drug into the rag.  The two of them held Justin who, though bound, was fighting the best he could to avoid the rag going to his face.  But strong as he was he was forced to breath in the drug
wand went limp.

They were hanging from their wrists.

Jonathan was first to regain consciousness.
He slowly remembered what had happened, then he saw his friends,
still unconscious, hanging from their wrists.

He tried to put his head back to look up, but discovered quicky
that his elbows had been bound together behind his head and
ropes around his biceps were tied to his neck.

Looking down he could see rivets of coming from his arm pits and
streaming down his chest.  Sweat also dripped from his brow.

Could could not see his feet, and then realized that they had been tied and pulled up behind him.  Tugging them, he realized that he had been hogtied!!!!!  His feet were tied up o the ropes between his elbows.

As he hung there he could feel the hairs on his arms being matted. Looking at his friends as they came to, he realized that blood was
oozing from his wrists and flowing down his arms.

 Young Jason  hung and made moaning
sounds.  He was also having difficulty breathing
and made gurgling sounds with each breath. He was squirming which only made the cramps worse, the cuts deeper and the madness more intense.  Finally he started to scream which pushed the gag off of his mouth.

Their kidnappers came in and the both beat this shit out of the boy until he was again knocked out.

The boys were left hanging for 30 hours after the ransom was paid and they were rescued.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Awaiting their fates

Nekita & Jason

They sat cross legged, back to back.
The pulled Nekita's arms around Jason and tied his wrists in front of Jason's belly, as Jason wrists were bound in front of Nekita's gut.

Were the biceps overlapped, they were lashed and frapped together.

They bound their crossed ankles and tied each thigh to each shin.

Taping their mouths and eyes, the put a rope around their necks, bent them forward and tied their necks to their friends wrists in front of their stomach.

Then they left them, cramped, numb and sweaty.

Awaiting their fate.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Ryan Boys

Mr. Ryan watched as Justin and Jason's arms were tightly lashed together behind their backs with the rope.  Their feet were crossed and tied at the ankles.  Then the rest of their legs were bound. Then the but the boys on their knees and pushed their chests and guys together.  Using duct tape they covered their eyes and mouths, and then circled their bodies with the rope binding them together.

Lowering a strong rope from the rafters, they put it between their crossed ankles and hoisted the brothers up until there heads were a few feet off the floor.

Mr. Ryan gasped as splashed the gasoline on their jeans and bound arms.

Jason, realizing it was gasoline, screamed so loud in terror
that the tape blew off his mouth.

"Please no....
"I'll do anything!!!"

This time a old rag was shoved into his mouth and taped.

Justin too was screaming in his gag.

He has been struggling to get his arms free.
Rope burn covered his elbows, forearms and wrists.

The gasoline saturated the ropes.

And Justin's arms were burning as the gas
covered the rope burn.