Thursday, December 28, 2017

Missing Marines

The Military van was found several miles from Camp Lejeune.....

There was no sign of the 4 Marines returning to base after an errand for the base commander in the local town...

The Marines were all over the van and its surroundings, looking for any clues to find out what happened to the men......

About a quarter of a mile from the van these pieces of rope and duct tape in the dirt.

They could only conclude that the Marines had been hijacked and are now being held

 somewhere, bound and gagged!!!!


There was 5 of them.  They pulled us out of the van.  They had automatic weapons.  They marched us for a distance with our hands behind our heads where a pickup truck was waiting.  There was rope and tape.  They pulled my arms behind my back and roped my wrists and elbows together.  Our sleeves were folded up, and they forced my arms together that the rope cut deep into my skin.  A rag was stuffed into my mouth, and my head was duct taped around my head gagging me.

They threw me face down into the back of the pickup.  They removed my boots and socks, crossed my ankles, tied them, bent my legs back and tied my ankles to my wrists.

They covered the back of the pick with a dark black cover that absorbed the heat of the sun.  We drove for a long time.  Our place was an oven.  We sweat right through our uniforms.  It was pitch black.  The truck kept bouncing and we crashed into each other.  I desperately tried to free myself, my numb fingers looking for any knots.  But they tied us in suck a way that all the knots were beyong reach.

I tried to keep track of the time but then lost it.

All I could do is take the pain.


The two of us were tied to each other.
Our forearms were behind our back, tied together at the elbows and wrists.  We were forced to sit, back to back.  They tied the middle of our forearms together, and each of our biceps were roped to each other's as well.
Forcing our heads together, we were cheek to cheek as they taped our necks and faces.
They crossed-legged us, and tied our bent legs together, each one shin to thigh, with our crossed ankles in the middle.

Helplessly bound together we watched our two companions bound the same way.


We could watch them making satellite calls, taking close up pictures of our sweaty faces.  
They drooped ropes from the rafters and tied them taut around our necks.
Ripping open my shirt and tearing apart my under shirt, they kept kicking me in the gut...
When they beat up the four of us.
They taped our eyes.

I could not feel much now.
My arms and wrists were completely numb.
My belly too seemed numb.

I remember though the trickling of sweat...
Down my chest.

One of the fuckers stroked the soles of my feet.  The tickling sensation and the reality of the ropes and tape were enough to make me go insane!

Finally the had some plastic explosive.  They shoved a piece inside my folded up sleeve. 

I could only imagine the explosion.  I hoped it would be quick.


Shots.  Lots of shots.  Automatic.  
We were stiff....
Could not see.

Until the tape was taken off of our eyes....

A face, smoking a cigar....

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Gagged screams

The camera was turned off.
The rag was again stuffed into Jake's mouth.
It was taped.

The brought him back into the darkened room.

A small light was turned on.

The eyes of the Coach and his tow teammates squinted at the light

Jake could see that their upper arms, tightly bound to the top rung of the chairs and tightened as a tourniquet has cut deep into their triceps.

They sat Jake onto the chair with his arms, elbows and wrists bound together, forearms taped, behind it.

They tied each of his biceps to the uppermost rung,  circling the ropes around each, and then tightening it between his arms and the wood.  His bound elbows were tied to the second rung and his wrists to the forth. They ropes around his torso, binding him to the third rung.

They pulled his legs and tied each ankle to the rear legs of the chair and his thighs to the seat.

I could not move.
The rope was rough and coarse and had been scrapping my skin raw.
They tied my upper arms even tighter this time and it felt like
they were being amputated!

I looked at Coach and my buddies...
Terror and helplessness on their sweaty faces. 

The guy who tied me back into the chair grabbed my chin....

"You did a good job for the camera Jake!"

I mumbled a "FUCK YOU" through
my gag.

They left was...

Closing and locking the door.

Our gagged screams pleading for mercy!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The three brothers

Eighteen year old Jimmy Jensen could not believe that his powerful arms had been compromised by ropes. He, and his brothers, had been struggling for hours in an
effort to free themselves and escape. Jimmy was blind, deaf, and gagged.  A caulk gun had been shoved into his ears, plunging him into silence.  The wide duct tape around his eyes and ears blinded him and held the caulk compound in place.  The rag, deep down his throat, covered with tape around his head made him want to vomit.

With the boy's arms and legs tightly tied, he could only struggle and sweat until he was exhausted.

Then he felt a pair of hands on his body.

He jerked in terror.

He felt the blade of the knife at his throat.

He screamed as loud as the gagged allowed:  NNNNNOOO!!!

The hands released him.  Jimmy was whimpering from the terror.  He could not have know that he was just photographed and videoed for a ransom photo.


Nineteen year old Lyric Jensen felt as if his shoulders were dislocating from his torso.  He arms were contorted behind his back by the ropes that any movement, including breathing itself, was torture.  Lyric struggled until he too was exhausted.

His tied crossed wrists had been pushed up his back and tied off to his neck.  His elbows and forearms had been bound together. Ropes around his chest tightly secured his upper arms to his sides.

Helpless, he would jerk as he felt the knife on his skin, tracing around the tattoos on each of his arms.

The sweat poured off his bound body as he imagined their kidnappers cutting the tats off of him in some sick way of proving they had him.

But it stopped.  And Lyric lay on his arms, bound, blind, gagged and deaf, panting for breath.



Twenty year old Derek, the oldest, felt himself being dragged by his feet.  His bound arms were picking up splinters from the old wooden floor as his began to be pulled upward until at last he was strung up, hanging by his feet.

He could feel the knife cutting away at his shirt, baring his chest.

The tape was roughly pulled from his eyes.

The gagged pulled from his mouth.

The caulk from his ears.

"Please, please, don't hurt us."
The was no response.
Derek began to scream as the knife began to flick off some of the hairs on his belly.
Then he saw the camera...


The camera went blank.

The blindfold, caulk and gag were replaced.

As the three brothers hung, strung up by their feet.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


DARE.  I have it dated as 2006 from  One of their best!