Thursday, December 28, 2017

Missing Marines

The Military van was found several miles from Camp Lejeune.....

There was no sign of the 4 Marines returning to base after an errand for the base commander in the local town...

The Marines were all over the van and its surroundings, looking for any clues to find out what happened to the men......

About a quarter of a mile from the van these pieces of rope and duct tape in the dirt.

They could only conclude that the Marines had been hijacked and are now being held

 somewhere, bound and gagged!!!!


There was 5 of them.  They pulled us out of the van.  They had automatic weapons.  They marched us for a distance with our hands behind our heads where a pickup truck was waiting.  There was rope and tape.  They pulled my arms behind my back and roped my wrists and elbows together.  Our sleeves were folded up, and they forced my arms together that the rope cut deep into my skin.  A rag was stuffed into my mouth, and my head was duct taped around my head gagging me.

They threw me face down into the back of the pickup.  They removed my boots and socks, crossed my ankles, tied them, bent my legs back and tied my ankles to my wrists.

They covered the back of the pick with a dark black cover that absorbed the heat of the sun.  We drove for a long time.  Our place was an oven.  We sweat right through our uniforms.  It was pitch black.  The truck kept bouncing and we crashed into each other.  I desperately tried to free myself, my numb fingers looking for any knots.  But they tied us in suck a way that all the knots were beyong reach.

I tried to keep track of the time but then lost it.

All I could do is take the pain.


The two of us were tied to each other.
Our forearms were behind our back, tied together at the elbows and wrists.  We were forced to sit, back to back.  They tied the middle of our forearms together, and each of our biceps were roped to each other's as well.
Forcing our heads together, we were cheek to cheek as they taped our necks and faces.
They crossed-legged us, and tied our bent legs together, each one shin to thigh, with our crossed ankles in the middle.

Helplessly bound together we watched our two companions bound the same way.


We could watch them making satellite calls, taking close up pictures of our sweaty faces.  
They drooped ropes from the rafters and tied them taut around our necks.
Ripping open my shirt and tearing apart my under shirt, they kept kicking me in the gut...
When they beat up the four of us.
They taped our eyes.

I could not feel much now.
My arms and wrists were completely numb.
My belly too seemed numb.

I remember though the trickling of sweat...
Down my chest.

One of the fuckers stroked the soles of my feet.  The tickling sensation and the reality of the ropes and tape were enough to make me go insane!

Finally the had some plastic explosive.  They shoved a piece inside my folded up sleeve. 

I could only imagine the explosion.  I hoped it would be quick.


Shots.  Lots of shots.  Automatic.  
We were stiff....
Could not see.

Until the tape was taken off of our eyes....

A face, smoking a cigar....


Anonymous said...

Hey Kirk, great storyline! Love captured Marines theme with guys being tied together!

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