Tuesday, May 30, 2017


They forced Mike and Jake to knot a bandanna and gag themselves.  With another they were made to blindfold their eyes. They were given some rope, and they had to tie their ankles and knees together just above the joints.  With some extra rope they were forced to also bind the middle of their thighs.

With their legs secured they were forced to kneel. Handing them a pair of hinged handcuffs, they had to restrain their wrists behind their backs.

"You boys tied yourselves real good.  You did most of the works for us.  Now comes the fun part.

They forced the boys arms together and duct taped them down from their elbows to the cuffs.  They tape up the bandannas blindfolding and  gagging them.

Putting some rope between their cuffed wrists, they pushed it between their legs and around their waists.  The quickly realized if they moved too much they would crush their balls!

Now securely bound, they pushed them backs to back and tied their upper arms to each other.  Pushing them onto their sides, they tied their feet together and hoisted up the bound boys until their heads were a few feet off of the barn floor.

Now the sweat was pouring down their chests and faces and dripping to the floor.

"Now its time to motivate your fathers to pay some cash!"

They boys were photographed.  They were videoed being gut punched.

Then they were cut down, smashing onto the floor, knocked out.

The camera panned down showing Mike and Jake squirming, desperately trying to escape knowing it was hopeless.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Somebody anonymously gave me a one year core membership to Deviant Art.

So nice!

Sunday, May 21, 2017


The Ryan boys were defiant.
They would not give their kidnappers and sign of fear...
...any sigh of weakness.

The both knew they would be eventually get tied up.

That what happens to people who are kidnapped.

Bound and gagged.

They had already stripped to the waist.

Ropes hurt more on bare skin.

Especially coarse...

...rough ropes.

Young Jacob, 18, turned around and surrendered his arms for roping.

It was torture as the contorted the boys arms behind him.  He made no sound as they pushed his bound wrists up his back, tied them to his neck, forced his elbows together, bound them and his forearms, forced a metal pipe between his biceps and back, bound each upper arm to it, finally winding the rope around his torso, across his pecs, forcing his bound arms deep into his spine.

He opened his mouth and took the rag shoved into it.

The wide black duct tape went around his head several times, both gagging and blindfolding him.

He could feel his sweat streaming down him as he was kicked and landed hard on his chest.

He did not make a sound and they stripped him down to his shorts, and bound his legs and ankles.

Twenty-one year old Josh Ryan watched his kid brother get roped.  He had know he was tough, but never imagined how tough he was as the boy was roped.

They roped Josh up in the same way as Jacob, the two bound and gagged brothers prone on the floor.

Josh heard the squeaky sound of metal from above and felt his body move across the floor as he feet starting to move upward.  "Fuck, they're string us up," he said to himself.  Finally it was only his chin on the ground when with several yanks by his abductors his head was two feet off the floor, his body swinging in the air.

Jacob was then hauled up.

They pushed the brothers bodies like swings, so that they would smash into each other, spraying sweat and they laughed, smoked and drank beer.

Finally, they pushed the two bound men's legs together, tied them at the knees.

Then bound their heads together with tape, cheek-to cheek.

They left them,

Realizing there was no possible way to escape, the Ryan boys hung..


As long as it would take.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Held for Ransom


Jake's wrists were already bound when one of the abductors put the heal of his shoe into his wrists for leverage as he yanked up the two ends of the ropes just above his elbows.  The rope burned his skin raw as his forearms were forced together.  As he screamed in pain the duct tape was forced between his teeth and wrapped around his mouth and eyes until he was securely blind and gagged.  As the same time his legs were being bound while the shoe was pushed into his elbows, and the ropes, now abound his bicep muscles were yanked making his muffled screams of panic fill the room as it felt like this shoulders were being torn from his body.

He was now breathing heavy, for his diaphragm was expanded and every breath was labored.  Sweat trickled for every pore in his body as they grabbed him by the hair and shoved him to his knees.

Something was pushed into his chest.

He at once realized it was his brother's torso!  

He could feel Sean's heart pounding in his chest as his rope tortured body was pushed hard into his. Though their arms were numb, they could sense the rope being rotated around their bodies, binding them together.

A kick had them crash onto their side.

Sean felt his legs pulled back and tied to something.  He soon realized that Jake's legs had been pushed back and his ankles were to to his neck.

Thus, if either brother struggled to free their feet, one would choke the other!

As their hamstrings cramped and their arms numbed, they heard the clicks of a camera, the sound of footsteps leaving, a metal door slammed shut, and a bolt being locked in place!

All the Jensen boys could do was sweat and make muffled screams for help.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

070817 JO Pic of the week: War Games

How long?

Jason lay on his gut in a pool of sweat.  His hogtied body was cramped and numb from the tight ropes used to bind his body.  He wished he could turn onto his side for some relief, some motion, but the long wooden pole across his back, which each of his biceps were tied to, protruded out several feet from each side of his body.  Besides, he did not even want to try.  His kidnappers knew how to use rope.  If he moved too much he could choke.  His bound wrists had been pushed up his back, looped around the center of the wooden pole and tied by a noose to his neck.

His bound legs had been bent backwards, ankles tied to his wrists.  To much motion in his legs or arms would move his hands and tighten the noose.

His socks had been shoved into his mouth and held in place by ropes between his teeth and around his head. He fought off waves of nausea.  He realized he could choke on his own vomit.

Helpless he was amazed how much he was sweating.  With the noose pulling his head back, the sweat was pouring down his brow into his eyes, burning them.  He dared not even try to shake it off of him,
terrified of the noose.

He day dreamed he was swimming, his strong arms and legs pushing his body through the water, only to come back to the reality that he was all tied up when his hamstring popped and the cramps caused him to scream through the sockgag.

It was pitch black where he was.

He thought of his family.

Of his kid brother who he loved to tie up and watch his squirm to get free.

Now he could not even squirm.

"How long would it be?" he wondered.  Couple of hours?  A day?  Longer?

He just lay there in a pool of sweat driving himself crazy asking over and over,

"How long?"