Monday, July 17, 2017

Kidnapped and held for ransom

They roped Jesse's arms behind his back at his elbows and wrists.  The circled his chest and guy, forcing his biceps to his side and his forearms to his spine.

They put a noose around his neck and pulled it up.  His head tilted back.  Then they tied his ankles and knees, and taped up his head.

They videoed Hector's torso as the sweat ran down his chest.  They pulled the noose up for a moment:  Hector's feet were off the ground.  The young man was choking!  Then they dropped it, he fell to the floor, they put him back on his feet and stretched his neck.

They began to gut punch Bobby.  His sweat sprayed his torturer with each punch.  At one point his knees buckled!  He was gasping and squirming trying to get to his feet.  They straightened him out and stretched his neck.

Taking a thick Sharpie Marker, they numbered them on the shoulders:  1.2.3.

And with the ransom video they sent this message.....

"Three million dollars into a Swiss Bank Account.
In 8 hours # 1 will swing.
In 16 hours #2
And in 24 hours #3
Better work fast!"

All the noosed friend could do was to stand perfectly still and sweat!

071717 JO Pic of the week: Kidnapped

Monday, July 10, 2017


Justin and Elliot knew they were outnumbered and outgunned.  Best friends since high school, they figured they had been kidnapped.  They knew, sooner or latter they would be bound.

But they never anticipated the rope torture.

They got onto the floor and surrendered their arms behind their backs.

Crossing their wrists and ankles they were cruelly tied.

"My wrists went numb at once.  I could feel my pulse pounding.  Each one grabbed my forearms and pushed them together while a third circled my arms with the rope just above my elbows.  I howled in agony for it felt like my shoulders were being ripped off my body.  A rag was shoved down my throat to silence my screams...  I broke out into a cold sweat drenching my shirt.  I looked over at Elliot.  He also was gagged. I could see blood coming from his upper arms as the rope and stress cut our skin raw.  A rope tied between our wrists was put between our legs and around our waist, fixing my wrists deep into my back and crushing my balls.

As they tied my knees mouth mouth was taped several times around my head, totally gagging me.

They dragged Justin and put us back to back.

They roped our biceps together so tightly that our veins were popping through the skin.  Putting a sack over both of our heads it was tied at our necks.  The musty smell our our sweat and the way the rag had been shoved down our throats.....   well it took all the control we had not to puke and suffocate.

Tying our crossed ankles together they hoisted up by by our feet until he hung with our heads a few inches off the floor.

They left us.
We struggled finding it impossible to escape.

We stopped wondering how long we could survive like this...

and if there even was a ransom demand.