Sunday, January 21, 2018

012218 JO Pic of the week: Terror

The sweat box

They needed a place to stay.
To hide from the authorities....
For some time.

They had rounded up the Jensen brothers and quickly secured their wrists behind their backs with rope.

Their long ordeal was just beginning!

When they got my hands tied they took strong Gorilla Tape and circled my head a dozen times, covering my eyes, between my teeth, covering my mouth.  Using more rope that forced my elbows together, bound them, and then taped my forearms from elbows to wrists.

They weaved the rope between my upper arms, around my biceps, and pulled them as close as they could without tearing my shoulder from my torso.

It was torture.  Every breath was labored.  Even in the hot sun my sweat turned cold

One of them said...
"Put them in the metal shed over there and finish binding them.

I know then we were in deep shit for the shed is a hot box during the say as the sun beats down on it.

They walked me into the shed.
I say on the ground cross-legged.

Using rope the tied my ankles together and for each bent leg the roped around my thigh and shin.

My legs cramped up bad from the position they were forced in, and between that and my bound arms, I was in total anguish.

I could hear them finish binding my younger brothers.  I was already making a plan to get to each other and try to free the knots and escape.....

He was pushing my shoulder forward, crunching my belly until my head was near my bound ankles.

I thought my spine would snap.
I was screaming in the tape gag as he took the duct tape, and around the back of my neck and across my arms behind my back taped my bent torso to my crossed legs!

Now I knew I was completely helpless, totally under their control, impossible to escape.

They closed the door of the shed.

They temperature quickly started to rise.

All we could do was moan and sweat, wondering how long we would be left bound like this in a sweat box!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Better to be tied up than shot!

Their crossed wrists were securely bound behind their backs.
A knotted bandanna made an effective gag.

Ben and Jesse Ryan.

Brothers now bound and abducted.

They were in the back seat of a Jeep as it drove deep in the woods


"If you think you Ryan boys are tied now, when we get finished with you you will be crying for
your mama!"

He reached down and put some tape over their eyes.  "Can't give you boys clues of where we are taking you."

So they drove for what seemed like hours, their wrists numb and raw from the tight rope, their mouth dry from the gag, and the sweat beading on the brows trickling down over the tape.


They dragged me out of the Jeep by my arms, across some ground, up some wooden stairs, and threw me
face down on the floor.  Folding up those sleeves of yours boys -- want that rope to cut into those muscular arms of yours."  As soon as he had my sleeves rolled up to my shoulder, he looped my elbows above the joint, put his boot on my forearms for leverage, and yanked my arms together.  A gasped scream went threw the gag as my breath exhaled hard.  "Shut the fuck up!" he yelled as he kicked my face with his boot.  Looping around my biceps, he did the same.  I thought that my shoulders were being torn from my body!  Pulling me to my knees, he looped a rope between my wrists, pulled it between my legs and tying it around my waist.  I soon realized if I tried to get any leverage in my arms to loosen the ropes, I would crush my balls!

They left to get Ben.  I was soaked with a cold sweat, shivering from fear, knowing they had not finished with me yet.

After they tied my arms up, the pulled the tape off of my eyes.  I looked up...  "...shit, they are going to string us up" I thought.
I looked at Jesse.  A small trickle of blood went down his forearm from the ropes binding his elbows.  They had just bound his knees and legs, and dragged his bound body to mine.  We were on our sides, staring at the fear in our eyes as they tied our ankles together.

The feeling of helplessness and hopelessness overwhelmed us as our body bodies slowing dragged across the floor, our feet pointing upward as each heave of the ropes lifted us upward...  until our necks were bent and then.... off the ground, swaying back and forth, upwards and upward until we were strung up, upside down, some 15 feet off of the floor!

We were photographed and videoed.

And then left.

The blood rushing to our heads, our sweat pooling on the floor below us.

Wondering, just wondering if it would have been better to have been shot than tied up!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Team Nap.

They found the team bus in the middle of nowhere.


"From what we have found so far....
Tire tracks of quads leading into the forest....
Cut pieces of rope on the floor of the bus....
Strips of thick Gorilla tape and empty roll of the same....

I can only conclude that
the bus was ambushed, 
and that the coaches and
all starts were tied up,
possibly gagged and 

The all starts were bound in strict hogties.....

Their wrists were crossed behind their backs and tied with poly cord....
... each knot melted with a lighter making escape impossible.

A thick tree branch was laid across  their backs.  Each of their upper arms were bound to it. knots melted, their forearms turning a sickly blue and their veins popping through their skin.  The branch protruded a foot from each side of their bodies, so it would be impossible to turn around.

Their shoes and socks were removed, their ankles crossed and tied with the rope.   Their thighs were also bound, above their knees.

Their wrists were pushed up, and rope from between their wrists bound them to the branch.

Their legs were bent back, and a rope from their crossed bound ankles was tied to their necks, their chins in the dirt.

A rag had be shoved down their throats, held in place with a rope around their heads and a strip of tape across their mouths.

More of the thick tape covered their eyes.

Their whole bodies were cramped..... their arms numb.... as the lay motionless ... making guttural sounds of agony and terror.

The coaches were strung up by their wrists to a beam in the roof.  Their elbows had been tied together behind their heads and their biceps lashed to their necks.  Their bound ankles were pushed back and tied up to their wrists, letting them hang.... hogtied.

Though they were gagged, they were not blindfolded.  With their heads pushed forward all they could look at were the 8 boys being tortured by the ropes that tied them, and watch their sweat drip onto those below them.


I hope you enjoyed the photos we sent of the coaches and the all stars....

They are in agony...

But you can put an end to it.

We want the school board to transfer
$10 million dollars, one million for
each, to an account I will send you in the Cayman Islands.

Then they will cut loose and set free.

If you don't, they will slowly starve to death, tied up and helpless and you will watch it unfold in a video feed.