Monday, April 25, 2022

Hostage Hell


They were forced to empty their pockets and loose their shirts.  They figured they would tie them up, but were not expecting how they bound them.

Their arms were contorted behind their backs so their elbows and forearms touched.  The strain on their shoulders was a slow torture. They lashed the ropes around their biceps and upper arms so tight it dug into their muscle.

"When they tied my arms I broke out into a cold sweat.  They tore my shirt up and shoved a piece into my mouth.  They tied rope between my teeth to secure the gag.  Another was tied around my eyes and roped.  I was shaking with fear as they removed my sneakers and socks, and then stripped off my pants, leaving me only in my shorts.  I was turned onto my back on the floor, and my weight crushed my tortured arms.  They crossed my legs and tied my ankles, knees and thighs tight with the ropes.   "I'm going to die here," I said to myself as I listened to them tie my buddies.

"Half naked.  Tied up.  Helpless.  My shoulders wrenching from my torso.  My arms numb and throbbing with pain as they kicked my onto my belly, bent my legs back, sat on my shins and hogtied my ankles to my bound elbows.  They said I would soon be tortured for photos.....  I screamed in terror and horror in my gag as I felt myself being hoisted up by ropes tied under my bent knees."

"Now hanging up side down, they began to torture our feet.  First they would tickle them a rod, then beat them.  Again and Again!  They were live feeding our torment and making their demands.

Finally they stopped and left us hanging in the ropes.  By now our minds had snapped and I felt I was going insane as all I could to is drip sweat and blood and listen to screams.