Saturday, March 24, 2018

The hostages

They took rope and tightly bound their crossed wrists behind their backs.
They shoved a bandanna into their mouths and held it in place with rope between their teeth and around their heads.

They pushed them into the back of their Jeep.

They tied their ankles with more rope.

"If you boys cause any trouble I will blow your fuckin' heads off!"

Now they had their Jeep.
Now they had their hostages.

The drive began.


Jesse Radcliff answered the knock on the door of his cabin in the woods.

He came face to face with a automatic weapon.

"What the fuck?
What do you want?"

"Shut the fuck up.  Who else lives here?"

"My kid brother."

They bound Jesse's wrists and gagged him.

Then they marched him into his cabin.

Young Justin Radcliff watched as they dumped his brother onto the floor.

"On your belly boy!

Justin did as told and soon the boy was bound hand and foot and gagged.

He watched as one of them left and returned with a man tied up on his shoulder.  He was dumped on the floor.  He left and returned again with another man bound and gagged.

He pulled off Justin's gag and shoved a gun into his face.  "Do you have more rope here?"   "Yes, in the barn."  They gagged him again and carried, one by one the four men into the barn.

They brought Justin in first.  He showed the rope used to bail the hay.  "Please, that rope is very rough.  My brother once tied me up with it.  It cuts the skin!"   They slapped the boy hard and he fell to the floor.  "That's perfect."  They began to hogneck the four men.

If I moved or struggled I would either choke, slit my wrists, or rip the shin off of my arms and neck.

They re-tied us with the barn rope.

This time it was pure suffering and agony.

They took my bound wrists now with the barn rope, shoved my hands high up my back, tied my wrists to my neck.  They roped my elbows and forearms together, and weaved the rope between my biceps, pulling them as close together as they could.

The stripped me of my boots socks and pants.

Roped up my thighs, knees and ankles.

Bent my legs back.

And tied a rope from my ankles to my neck.

They left us like that.
The four of us.




Finally, they decided they could move on.

They took what was left our our cloths and
blindfolded our sweaty heads.

We could not escape.

The state troopers found us two days latter, unconscious, bleeding, half- dead.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

031918 JO Pic of the week: Kidnapped!

The hunt

Jake striped to the waist and turned around.
They roped his arms behind his back at his biceps, elbows and wrists.
He was begging.
They gagged him.
They circled his torso a dozen times from his pectorals to his gut.
He realized why he was forced to loose his shirt,
for the coarse ropes were like a hacksaw on his bare skin.

The clock started.

Jack began to run.

Soaked with sweat.

He knew he had only 4 hours.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Two chairs

They brought us in blindfolded with duct tape around our eyes and heads.
Our wrists, crossed, had been tightly tied with rope.

They sat us down with our arms behind the chairs.
They tied our wrists to the lower slat and our upper arms to the sides, circling our biceps and then tightening the ropes between the chair and our arm.
Each of our forearms were lashed to the slats.

Our necks were tied to the top of the chair.

Our torso circled with ropes lashed our chest and got to
it, our backs firmly pressed into the back of the chairs.

Our legs were pulled back.
Our feet were tied to the back leg of the chairs, while our thighs were lashed to the seat and front of the chairs.

The shoved a rag into our mouths.
They duct taped our mouths like they had our eyes.

The slapped our faces.
The punched our gut.

At one point my chair tip and fell onto its side, crushing my right upper arm.

My body shifted and the rope around my neck was choking me.

Then they kicked me a couple of times in the balls.

Put the chair back on its legs.

The moved both of us back to back, and duct taped us together.

We were like that until the Navy Seals broke in and rescued us.

We communicated encouragement by tracing letters on the palms of each other's hands with our numb fingers.

But we could not move.

All we could so was sit and sweat.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


They had no choice.
They did as they were ordered....
 On their bellies, arms behind their backs, wrists crossed.

He had plenty of rawhide
He laced their arms and wrists together, putting the heal of his boot on their arms and backs for leverage.

The rope dug deep into their muscular biceps and forearms.
Their wrists turned purple.

They broke out into a cold sweat.

He bound their knees and feet.

They were gagged with a bandanna stuffed down their throats and rope around their heads between their teeth.

They grabbed their bound bodies and dumped them into the back of their vehicle.

We we got to our destination the pulled me out by my feet
and dragged me along the ground.

I was on my back as they dragged me.

The dirt scrapped away the skin from the backs of my arms.

When the you me in side, they put me on my feet,
hung a rope over a rafter in the roof, and tied it to my elbows.

They pulled it up, and made it taut, my feet on the ground but my were arms strained and pulled back, my head forward, dripping
sweat onto the floor.

The three of us were hanging by our arms.

They videoed us being chest punched and gut punched.

I would loosed my balance

It felt like my shoulders were being torn from my body.

I would struggle to get back on my feet.

And watch them beat up my friends.

Finally they brought in containers of water.

They drenched the ropes on our arms and wrists.

And then, after more videos, they left us.

Now we cowboys know something about rawhide.

As it dries after it gets wet, it shrinks and constricts.

That's when we knew we were fucked.

And all we could do is hope that payed the ransom as
quickly as possible.

Or we would get gangrene...

And loose our fuckin arms!