Tuesday, May 22, 2018


The Jensen boys watched as he took the rope he had and threw it over the rafters in the barn roof.

"You the the middle, with the mouth your're first."

   He turned around and crossed Jake's wrists behind his back as he bound them with rope.  Taking another rope he put it between his wrists, and around his gut.  "Don't want to tear your arms off your bodies when I string you up.

Walking him under one of the ropes from the rafter, he weaved it around his biceps then heaved him up until he boots were a few inches off the floor.  It felt like his wrists were being sawed through. 
Jake watched as he hoisted up he two brothers.  Now they were dangling, the three in a row.

"There, now comes the gags.!

He grabbed their shirts and torn them into strips which he shoved down their throats and tied them in place with rope between their teeth.

Josh, the youngest, tried to fight the gag.  He put the boy in a choke hold and got the gag in.

"You got some fight in your boy?  Wait to you see what I am going to do to your feet!"

He pulled off Josh's boots and sicks and folded up his jeans up to his thigh.  Crossing his ankles, he tied them and then bent his legs back.  With a long rope he hogtied the boys feet to his biceps.

The pain was shocking.  His biceps were burning and his thighs cramped. He was gurgling in the gag.

Sweat broke out from every pore, dripping down his chin, from his pits and chest.

He finished Jesse off.  Now the three brothers hung from their upper arms, the rope across their guts holding their wrists in place behind their backs cut deep into their bellies.  The cramping of their legs pounded with their heart beat.  Their heads were bent down in defeat, sweat dripping from their chins.

He blindfolded them.

He punched them in their guts so that they swayed back and forth.

He even tickled the soles of their feet!

"Like we said, we're staying here for a while until the heat cools off.  And if any of you cause any trouble, we'll tickle your feet until you go INSANE!"

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Get comfy

The worse still to come!

Jorge was the first to be roped.  His friends watched as they displayed the ropes that would bind them.

Jorge played mixed martial arts and got tied up several times.  He knew that if he flexed his arms as they were bound, when he relaxed them he would have some wiggle room.  He tried this stunt as they tied him, but they yanked the ropes deep into his muscular arms.  The veins were popping out of his forearms... his wrists were numb.  

When the finished tying me up, they dragged me by my feet and tied a long rope hanging from the rafters.

I was on my belly as they began to hoist me up.
As my body dragged across the the old wooden floor, splinters stuck into my shoulders, the side of my face, and my chest and stomach.  

It was too painful and I was screaming in terror as my head listed off the floor.

So I was hanging, upside down, swaying as I heard them hoist up my two friends.

Now hanging by our feet they videoed us as they used our bodies as punching bags!

When they finished beating us up, they stopped the
camera, lowered us down, and tied our ankles to
our necks.

There we remained, beaten and bound, unable to move, left to wait and wonder if we would be rescued or is the worse still to come.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

I Like being tied up.

As the parents of the kidnapped boys watched, the Bandanna around Jake's forehead was pulled down over his eyes.  A knotted bandanna was put between the boy's teeth.  He got up and was turned around and walked from the camera by two masked men.

They could see that Jake's sleeves had been rolled up baring his arms which were bound at his biceps, elbows, forearms and wrists.

His father gasped.  His mother began to cry as the image of the bound boy faded from the camera.

Again they watch as Ashton was blindfolded, gagged and led away, his bound arms a sickly purplish color.


 After we made that video the four of us here hogtied. They roped up our thighs, knees and ankles and bent our legs back.  Someone sat on my shins.  The other tied my wrists to my ankles.  For the first time I screamed in the gag as my thighs cramped up.  I broke out into a cold sweat that drenched my face, saturating the blindfold and my shirt.  My arms now were burning yet a cold shiver took control of my body.  I could feel my friends moan and groan as they too were hogtied.  Somebody patted my head.  "Comfy?"  I muttered "Fuck you" through the gag.

We tried to free ourselves when they left, but it was impossible.  We were able to get the bandannas off of our eyes and onto our foreheads so we could see each other's struggles.  We even tried to get to each other.... impossible.

Hours seemed like days.  We struggled and squirmed trying to get free, but it was impossible.  

When the FBI finally came we were bound and gagged for 10 hours.  My arms fell limp at my sides, I could not stand.  A medic was putting a cream on the ropeburn and helping me bend my arms to get the blood flowing.  It hurt like hell but soon we were all on our feet.  But we were able to get into the van which took us to the hospital.

Yet, we toughened up through the ordeal, and I discovered one thing about me....



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