Thursday, October 12, 2017


They could hear each other struggling...
Trying to free themselves from the ropes.
More and more they were realizing it was impossible to brake free.
Helpless and hopeless.
It would be better if they conserved their strength.
They wished they could see each other, speak to each other, but the thick tape around their eyes and between their teeth made sight and speaking futile.
Even if they could reach each other and try to work the knots... not in the cards.
The long metal pipe that protruded from each side of their upper arms made trying to squirm their hogtied bodies null.
All they could do was lie there, and sweat.

Besides, their heads were still spinning from the drug that had been put into the beer.

Why did he do it?

Why would the new assistant coach invite the top three members of the varsity wrestling team to his house, drug them and bind them?  They did not have much money.

Ryan was exhausted from his struggles.  The cramps in this legs and the numbness of his arms increased in pain by the minute.  If only he could get his ankles free from his wrists.  Then he could relax his legs and stop the cramps.  He had fumbled for hours at the knots with his numb fingers, to no avail.  The little he could move his arms gave a momentary time to relax the pain.

The fencing pipe had been laid across the top of his back.  Each of his biceps had been securely lashed to it.  Even though his upper torso was circled by rope securing the pipe in place he could move his upper an inch or so it brought small relief.

He heard footsteps coming toward him.  The ropes would be checked again and if anything seemed out of place they would be tightened.  His fingers squeezed Ryan's upper arms, than traced down his forearms to his crossed wrists.  It looked like Ryan was able to loosen the hogtie a bit, for some 6 inches separated his ankles from his wrists.  The kidnapper sat on Ryan's shins.  Waves of pain went through his body as his hamstrings cramped even more.  His ankles were now tied directly to his wrists. Sweat beaded on his brow.

It was worse than before for now with his arms stretched more down to his ankles, the few inches he had before were gone.  He whimpered in his gag.

Jason had managed to flex so hard that he had loosened the rope work around his chest.  The kidnapped pulled the rope away, removed the boys hogtie, and tied his angled directly to the pipe. They he looped between his bound wrists and heaved them up to the pipe.  Jason's powerful arms bulged even more, the ropes burning through his skin.  He pulled the boys head back by his hair, and bound his wrists to his neck.

When he came to bound Justin he pulled the tape off of his eyes and mouth, ripping out some of the boys hair.  He put a pistol to his head, showed him a card and told him to read what it said into the kidnapper's iphone:

"To the Central Valley school board.
Ryan, Jason and I have been kidnapped.
We are tightly hogtied and our bodies hurt.
He wants the county to pay $3 million in ransom.
He will text you the directions.
He will give you 24 hours or
Ryan goes first.
Jason next and me third."

When he finished, the stomped on the pipe to record his screams.

The recording ended with the sound of duct tape being ripped off a roll.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The sun beat down on our chests

They were stripped to the waist and strung up by their wrists.

The scorching sun beat down on their bare chests.

Their heads were taped.

My upper arms were lashed
to the sides of the pole and
were tightened like a
tourniquet.  A rope circled my
neck several times.

My ankles were crossed and
tied behind the pole and
my thighs were bound the
same way as my legs.

My chest was on fire.
Blisters were forming.

My body squirmed looking
for some relief.

The bastards took
liquor and splashed my
chest with it.

The alcohol cause me
so much pain
that I screamed the
gag off!

They quickly gagged
me again and left me
to roast.

When the ransom was finally paid,
they cut us down.

My upper arms were bleeding
profusely for the rope has cut through
the muscle.  I was limp and hardly
conscious, yet the still tied my
wrists behind my back.

The drove us for some time.

With our hands still tied behind our backs, they dumped us in the middle of nowhere.

We struggled to get to our feet, and then our tortured bodies began to walk seeking help, the sun
still beating down on our chests.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Home Invasion

Marco could hardly breath.  His chest had expanded and so too his diaphragm.  Every breath was labored and painful.  His elbows and wrists were bound together with rope behind his back.  Ropes pulled his upper arms so that only a scant 6 inches separated his bicep muscles from each other.

Wide duct tape covered his eyes and the socks stuffed into his mouth, surrounding his head.

He lay on the floor, on his stomach, next to Billy, his shirt soaking with sweat as he listened to them ransack their house.

After an untold number of hours the came back

Billy was panting for breath.  His upper arms were even closer together than Marco's.  One of them began to tickle Billy's facial hair on his face and forearms.  He jerked at the sensation that ran through his body.  Then he felt his shoes and sneakers removed, and his pants pulled offer leaving him in his shorts.  Each of his legs were bent, ankles tied to his thighs.  Billy's hamstrings popped and he gag screamed in pain.  Tying his two large toes together they balanced him on his knees, and surrounded his torso and bound arms with duct tape.  Putting him onto his side they dragged Marco next to him and tied their necks together, making it impossible for either to reach the other's knots and try to escape.


Billy and Marco desperately fought to get free. All they got was ropeburn and tapeburn.  Marco at least had a shirt, but Billy was shirtless and tape ripped his flesh as he struggled to escape.

They lay like that for almost 6 hours, until their friend Jason arrived.