Saturday, September 18, 2021

A billion dollar ransom

"I stripped to the waist, put my arms behind my back, and surrendered my body to the ropes.  They knew what they were doing... it was very tight.  When I was blindfolded and gagged, they pumped a syringe into each of my shoulders, and I was plunged into darkness."

"When we came to we were strung up by our feet.  We could hear them making outlandish ransom demands.... $1 billion dollars.  The blindfolds were removed and we saw the cameras..."

"They beat us, live streaming it.  They plummeted our heads, chests abs and bound arms and wrists, with fists, belts and sticks, until we were a broken bloody mess.   They they turned off the cameras and cut us down."

 "We were hognecked, ankles to our necks, broken and bound.. and knowing that they could never raise a billion dollars... wondering what's next."

Friday, September 17, 2021

Hostage Hell


"They broke in....
Held us at gunpoint.
And taped us up.

When they had us bound and gagged, they beat the shit out of us...

...until we were knocked out cold.

"We lay there taped.  I struggled, but the tape just tore off the skin and hairs on my arms.

They had removed our shoes and socks, taped our legs and ankles, and bending my lags back, took tape and taped my ankles to my torso, hogtaping me!  Taping my eyes, I was plunged into darkness.

When there demands were met, they left us, taped, to begin hours of struggle to brake free.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Darkness

 "We kept tightly tied up with ropes.... gagged.... and locked in this pitch dark room.

If you don't pay the ransoms as they demand, they will pick one of us at random, and torture us to death!"

"We were brought in with our crossed wrists tied behind our backs.  We saw these tall back chairs.  We were seated with our arms behind the chairs.  Our wrists were strained in the ropes.  They began by ball gagging us, then roping our necks and biceps to the chair.  They crisscrossed roped across our chests and guts, binding our bodies to the chair. 

Our feet were pulled to the back of the chair and tied to the back legs, and our thighs were circled with ropes binding them to the seat of the chair.

We sat, unable to move.  Our spit drooled from our mouths drenching our shirts, already drenched with sweat.


Billy watched.  His arms and body burning from the tight roping, as the slowly closed the door and plunged him and his kidnapped buddies into darkness.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Red Neck Napped Torture

 They removed our shirts, emptied our pockets and bound our arms torturously behind our back, the plastic cuffs over our elbows cutting into our skin.

After they bound our arms, our eyes and mouths were taped, our boots and socks removed, our ankles plastic cuffed, and we were dumped into the back of my truck.

When w got to our destination, they dumped us on the ground, took ropes and bound our cuffed ankles to  the handcuff chain on our wrists.

The lowered the winch and connected it to the ropes between our ankles and wrists....

 They hoisted us up, and we hung, hogtied, the cuffs on our wrists, elbows and ankles cutting deep into our shin.  Our shoulders dislocated The lights were turned off, and we were left in the dark, moaning in our gags and dripping blood and sweat to the floor.