Friday, June 30, 2017

South of the Border

Yeah.  They bound him and put him in a box.

It was suffocating.  

The put the box into a truck and he was driven for hours.

They stopped once, opened the box and checked his bounds.

The fresh air was so welcome.

But they sealed the box again and continued to drive.

When the arrived the took him from the box, stripped him to the waist and strung him up.

There they videoed him being beaten.

When he was knocked out they tied him up and strung him up by his arms.

When he awoke, he was beaten again and again until the ransom was paid.

The friends were quiet.  Fear pitted in their guts.  

Time slowed.

Until... by one they were bound.

.., and all of them were put into one large crate where their journey to hell began.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The camera stopped and they released Jesse's neck.  The bound 19 year old collapsed to the floor, choking and gasping for breath.  With no mercy they shoved the gag backs into his mouth and taped his eyes and mouth again.  Jesse offered no resistance.  The boy had been sapped of his strength.  Bending his legs, he was again hogtied, ankles to neck.

"Hope your Daddy pays quickly, for the next time we will hoist you up by your neck and see hold long it takes."

Jesse just moaned.  "I'm in deep shit," he thought to himself.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017



Sunday, June 11, 2017

A new test

The Plot


The new assistant coach has a sinister plan.  He would trick three of the team members to come to his house and he would get them tied up. Once tied, he would chloroform them.  Then with his brother 

...they would take the boys to the hideout they found.

There, securely bound and gagged, they would be left.

Waiting for the ransom to be paid....


The Innocence

Jeremy went on the floor, prone on his stomach and put his arms behind his back.  As his friends watched, the assistant coach crossed his wrists and with a strong rope bound them tightly.  "Is it too tight Jeremy?"  "No coach.  If I was being kidnapped they would tie it up tight."  Moving down to Jeremy's ankles, he crossed them and bound them with the same strong rope.  "There, now hold still until they other two get bound."

Jeremy watch his buddies get tied hand and foot, like he was.  As he watched he realized that his wrists became numb and he broke out into a cold sweat.

"Now, boys, try to escape."

The boys trashed and squirmed for 15 minutes, unable to free their hands or their feet.

"OK Rest.  It's time to untie you.  My brother is here to help."

Jeremy was ready to be untied. His wrists hurt big time.  The coach's brother came.

He kicked young Jeremy in his gut.

As his friends protested that being beat up was not part of the deal he took a syringe and shoved it into the bound boys shoulder.  Jeremy quickly slumped.  He clouded vision watched his friends get drugged.  

He mind faded quickly with he last thought:  "Oh fuck, this is real!"


Coming to

Justin and the others slowly regained consciousness.  His head was exploding.  He tried to move his hands to his head but they were high above his head.  He panicked.  There he was with his friends lashed to columns in some deserted building.!

Justin's wrists had been pulled above his head and behind the post, crossed and tied together and to the post.  A long rope circled his biceps and neck, lashing them to it.  His ankles like his his wrists were tied, and his thighs were bound like his upper arms.

He tried to scream.

He was tightly gagged.

He squirmed but could not move his arms or legs an inch.

Terrorized he began to sweat profusely.

They was they tied him, Justin could not see his friends, but could only hear their frightened moans and groans.

"What an ass I was to let that guy tie me up," he thought. "Have they left us?  Are they coming back?  What will they do to us if they get money, just kill us?"

Again he squirmed.

Useless,  His head slumped as much as the rope around his head allowed, and he watch the sweat from his face drip to the floor."


Is this it?

Jorge just kept shaking his head "No," gagged pleading as he saw the assistant coach's brother pull another syringe out of a sack.  The coach tenderly took a rag and whipped the sweat from Jorge's face.

"It won't hurt I promise.  It works fast.  It's what they use for the death penalty.  It quickly stops your heart.  Would you like me to blindfold you so you don't have to see it?"  Jorge nodded his head and the coach circled his eyes with duct tape.

Jorge trembled.  

His heart exploding in his chest.

"Just get it over it," he mumbled in the gag.

When he heard  sounds of doors crashing, shots being fired, his friends screaming in their gags.

The tape was pulled off of Jorge's eyes...

The cop explained as he cut Jorge's rope that the FBI has tracked the coach's cell phone signature and it lead them here, just at the last moment or else they would be dead.  Since they had a syringe in their hands near you and Jeremy, we had to shoot to kill.

"Now I got your legs free.  But when I cut the rope off your hands, arms and neck, it will hurt like hell.!  "Go ahead get me out of this shit," the boy said.  The cop cut the ropes.  Blood oozed  from the rope burn.  The youths arms were limp and burning as the blood began to flow.  He collapsed into the cops arms, who carried him out to an ambulance.

"Just the same age as my son," he thought.  "Tough kids."

The boys reunited in the ambulance and munched on nutrition bars as their arms and wrists were bandaged.  They spoke to their parents on a cell phone.

The cop who saved them road with them.

"Damm you are tough boys, He said.

The boys smiled.  They past the test!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


They pushed young Jesse into the room.  He wrists, numb, were tightly tied behind his back.



The room was dark except for a light illuminating a chair.

His voice trembled.

"Are you going to tie me to that chair?"

"Yes boy, we are going to tie you to this chair.  You will be unable to move a muscle.  And if your parents don't pay the ransom, you will die on this chair."

Jesse began to scream.  A rag was shoved into the boy's mouth and he was taped.

They dragged him to the chair and sat him on it, his arms behind the back of the chair.

Then they roped the youth.

Each of his upper arms to the sides of the chair.
His torso to the back of the chair.
His thighs, knees and ankles bound and pushed under the chair.
A rope from his ankles passed to his neck.
The rope secured around his neck.
His wrists pushed up to the top of the chair and also tied to his neck.
And his thighs tied to the seat of the chair.

Jesse's eyes were popping out of his head.

He realized that if he moved his wrists or legs, he would choke.

Then they left Jesse and the chair.

The lights were turned off.

Jesse watched them close the door and lock it.

Only a crack of light came from the bottom of the door.

All Jesse could do was to stare at it and sit and sweat.