Saturday, February 25, 2017

Then my screams began

The three of them wrestled Marco to the ground.  One shoved a gun into his mouth, another pulled his arms behind his back and the third took rope and tied his wrists, elbows and biceps as tight as he could.  The gun was pulled from his mouth, a rag shoved in, and wide tape circled his mouth.

The got him to his knees and the walked him to the garage.

In side was his younger brother Mike.  He too had bound arms and a gag, but his ankles were tied and, his legs bent, roped to his wrists.

Next to him was his best friend Calvin, hogtied like Mike

They took Marco and dumped him between Calvin and Mike, bound his feet and hogtied him.

Then they turned the three of them around so their weight was on their bent legs and arms.

At once their hamstrings cramped and they broke out into a sweat.

With one of the staying as guard, they locked the door and took off.

He took his knife and cut off Marco and Mike's shirts.

Then he put the knife on Calvin's chest and made circles with it as the boy screamed in terror in his gag.

"Yeah, you better hope they pay the ransom, or you boys will be tortured!"


They cut Calvin and Mike's hogtie, and dragged them by their feet into the old barn.  There they dumped them on the floor.  I was still in the van, working the ropes, frantically trying to get free.  It took them some time to get me--  they dragged me in.

There, hanging from their ankles were my brother and his best friend!

They had put them back to back, and tied each of their biceps to each other's.  They had tied their ankles together and hoisted them up.  Their eyes were now taped.  Sweat trickled down their torsos and faces, puddling on the floor below them.

Helpless, they took me to be strung up.  They took the rope from  the rafters and tied it around my bound elbows and hoisted me up.  My shoulders dislocated as I hung by my arms, gagged screaming and gasping for air.

They need proof they had kidnapped us, so they grabbed the boy hair and began to cut it off with the knife. He jerked and groaned but their was nothing he could do.  I watched him move to my kid brother next.  I thought I would puke they hacked at my brother' hair and grabbed his beads and medal.  Mike made no sound as they tortured him  -- Calvin was weeping.

Then they came for me.

"Let's see what we can use from you."

It was then that my screams began.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

And just wait

Our wrists were tied crossed behind our back,

Our elbows were lashed together with rope.

Our forearms were taped.

Rope covered our torso.

They blindfolded us and forced us to march, bound and blind, the but of a gun at times jabbing into my spine.

We waked for hours until we reached a building when they moved us int

We were put on our knees, and our thighs and feet were now tied.

Then the pulled the blindfold off of my eyes.  My two brothers were still blind.  As they began to gag me my eyes finally focused....

The tight gag silenced my screams as I was noosed with my brothers.

The nooses were pulled up until our necks bent backwards.

The sweat streamed off of us which made for great ransom photos.

Blindfolded again, we would have to stay perfectly still, and just wait.

Friday, February 17, 2017


They pulled the tape off of Sebastian's mouth and pushed up his blindfold.

For each one of us that want $1 million transferred to an account in the Cayman Islands.  

You have until Monday at Midnight our time to make the transfers.

Until then they will keep us bound and gagged

So that is $4 million total

And if you don't...

This will be our fate:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Best Buds Bound

The cuffs on Jamie's wrists were cutting deep to the bone.
The rag in his mouth under the tape was choking and nauseating.

The door opened a crack and one of his kidnapper's appeared...

He pushed the door open.  Jamie's eyes popped out when he saw he best friend, Derek, hands up being pushed into the room at the butt of a gun.

"Jamie, they kidnapped you too?"

Jamie watched helplessly as they shoved a rag down his friend's throat  Then they cuffed his wrists behind his back and bound his legs.

Meanwhile that sat Jamie up, roped his arms together tightly behind him.  Jamie broke out in a cold sweat as his forearms were pushed together behind him.

Now Derek was bound and they dumped his body on top of Jamie.

Binding their ankles together, they hoisted them up by their feet until their heads were just a few inches of the floor.

As they hung there they were photographed for the ransom.

They closed the door and left them, helplessly looking into each other's eyes as their sweat puddled below them.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Random thoughts

"If they make the ropes any tighter they will break my friggin arms!"

"Why did they do this to me, this is torture!"


"Don't leave me like this!"

021317 JO Pic of the week: Frat house Robbery

Saturday, February 11, 2017


They grabbed Dylan's arms and pulled them behind his back.

Soon the rope was biting into his crossed wrists.

Dylan began to struggle, but one kick to his balls dropped him to the ground.

They dragged the 19 year old to the chair and put his arms behind it.

The roped Dylan at his neck...
His upper arms lashed to the sides...
His torso bound to the back of the chair at his waist and chest.
His feet pulled to the back legs and roped
His thighs tied to the seat of the chair.

I felt the sweat pour down my face and drip from my chin.
My fingers looked for a knot, but the saw my moving and taped my hands into a fist.

They then beat me until I was out cold.

They left me like that, bound and gagged, unable to move.

I was like that for a day and a half,

My struggles were worthless.  All I achieved was deep rope burn on my neck, upper arms and wrist

I finally gave up.

There was nothing I could to.  I was broken.

It was only by a freak chance that a heavy rainstorm forced a patrol of boy scouts hiking to take refuge in the barn.

They cut me free, gave first aid and food and water and called for help.

I was saved!

Thursday, February 9, 2017


They made Jarrod lie on the wet forest floor.

He did not want to be shot and left out here.  After they hijacked his truck he convinced them to use the rope and tie him up and leave him.  At least he would have a chance.

One was tying his crossed wrists behind his back, another his boots.

The two of them looped ropes around his upper arms, just above his elbows and bot yanked until Jarrod's arms come together.  They bound his elbows and the middle of his forearms.

"Fuck you you bastards.  This fuckin hurts!"

"Shut the fuck up!"

They slapped him, shove some oily rags into his mouth, and held them in place with rope between his teeth and around his head.

By now they had his torso roped, so that his arms pressed deep into his spine.

By now Jarrod was moaning and gasping as the pain multiplied.

He was now sitting cross legged when the two of them bent his body forward, got his head under his crossed ankles, and tied his legs to his his torso.

Now Jarrod was screaming so desperately that even the gag could not stop his cries.

His eyes, popping from his head, were begging for mercy as he watched them get back into his truck and drive away leaving the 22 year old helpless and hopeless and the sounds of the night animals filled the air.