Saturday, September 30, 2017

Best buddies



Our beaten bodies bound to chairs.
The four of us.
In a circle.
Facing each other.
Our sweat burning our eyes.
The gags constricting our throats.

Our upper arms roped to the sides of the chair, so tight that the blood was cut off, our veins were popping and a painful numbness magnified by our bound wrists pushed high up to the top of the chair and tied to our necks.
Our shirts, ripped open to bare our chests to the coarse ropes that firmly circled our torsos to the back of the chair making the slightest movement a chance for our skin to be torn to shreds or our wrists will pull down and we would choke.

Our ankles pulled back and tied off to the rear legs of the chairs.
Our knees then pulled together and tied, cramping our thighs, which were lashed down to the seat of the chairs.
The added binding of the ropes lashing our arms to the side of the chair, between our biceps and the wood, cutting into our triceps as they enjoyed torturing us.

Being slapped constantly across our faces, spraying our buddies with our sweat, and being punched in our guys and our balls, knowing if we moved our wrists we would choke.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


A few punches to their gut, and slaps to their face stopped their resistance.

Over the shoulder, down the steps, into the garage, dumped into the trunk.

The rag over their faces.

The bodies jerking then unconscious.

The trunk closed



Evan was in a tight hogtie.   His arms were lashed together behind his back.  The sleeves of his shirt were pushed up baring his shoulders, which were circled with ropes around his body at least a dozen times down his his waist.

His roped legs bent backwards tied its boots to his wrists.

Evan squirmed and flexed until he was exhausted, his arms ropeburned, his shirt soaked with sweat.


It was difficult for Paolo to breath.  Now with a broken nose every and mouth taped up every breath was a tortured labor  He vowed to himself if he every got out of this he would find those that bound and beat him and kill the.  But now all Paolo could do was stay perfectly still so as not to make them hurt him again and try to breath.


Jake had struggled so much he actually loosen the ropes on his arms!  The kidnappers added more rope and tightened is so tight that the blood stopped flowing  The sweat on his face had loosened the adhesive on the duct tape, so they re-taped his head.

One of them pulled his head back and shouted into his ear:


Jake nodded.

They kicked him in his ribs a few times to break him completely.

They were left to wait and hope that the ransom would be paid.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

"Get used to it!"

He had used his boot for leverage as he bound their arms and wrists behind their backs.  He would put one foot on their forearms, and, standing pull their two ends of the ropes, one circling their wrists, another their elbows, and a third just above their biceps near the shoulder.

One by one he yanked as Jesse and Josh screamed.  Their wrists became raw as the rope cut into their skin, their lowers arms pulled together and turned purple as the veins popped and the hairs stood on edge, and their shoulder blades sent waves of agony down their spines.

Pulling them to their knees by the hair, he crisscrossed their torso with the ropes, this time using his knee on their bound elbows for leverage.

Turning to face them he kicked them in the gut.  They fell backwards, crashing on the arms.  He ripped the shirt off of Jesse, and shoved half of it into each of their mouths, and held the gag in place with rope between their teeth. Then he bent each of their legs, and roped around their ankles and thighs as their hamstrings ruptured.

The two of them lifted each one into the back of the truck. Then they drove off.

"We had been reduced to a mass of pain and sweat as he taunted us.  Me and Josh used to play tie up games as kids, and we always got free, but I knew this time there was no way.  Josh' back was facing me.  His elbows and wrists were beginning to ooze drops of blood.  He was coughing constantly from how deep the gag went down his throat.  The truck was bouncing on the old dirt roads smashing our bodies together, adding to the agony.

Finally we stopped!

We had arrived!"

They cut their legs free and stood them on their feet, only to watch them collapse several ties before they were able to stand. 

They looked around.

Jesse and Josh realized this was going to be their prison!

The  marched the boys inside.

"They stripped off our boots, socks and pants, leaving us only in our shorts.  Crossing our legs, they tied them at the ankles, knees and thighs.  Then they threw ropes over the beams in the ceiling, tied it to our ankles, and hoisted us up so we were strung up by our feet! As were hung they photographed us.  At last the dropped us down, hogtied our ankles to our wrists, and left us, saying, "Get used to it."

It took Jesse and Josh a whole day and night to untie each other and escape.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


The bound boys listened as the new assistant coach made his demands, and then took some photos with his iphone and hit sent.

They were sore.

He had told them he was going to show them a new training exercise.  He tied their hands behind their backs, blindfolded them, then chloroformed them. Shoving them into the trunk of his car, he drove off, dragged them out, roped them up and gagged them.  He sat back and enjoyed watching them come to, panic and squirm helplessly to escape.

"That right boys.  Build up a sweat.  It's good exercise!"

Soon their struggled subsided as they realized there was no way out.

They lay there, in a cold sweat, shivering with fear and terror.

Ryan's arms were lashed together behind his back at his biceps, elbows and wrists.  Ropes around his chest, gut and waist forced his arms and wrists deep into his back.  His legs were tied at his thighs, knees and ankles.  Wide sticky tape covered his eyes and mouth.

Jeremy was on his back, his torso crushing his bound arms. The coach was tormenting the boy, taking the edge of a knife and tracing it around his ears, nipples and belly button, telling the sobbing boy how he planned to cut  off pieces of his body and send it to his parents.

Josh never stopped struggling, so he hognecked him... roping his ankles to his neck. Kicking him several times in his balls, he ordered him to stay still.  He then hognecked his two teammates.

So they lay bound and motionless, whimpering and terrified, feeling the knife game on their skin and wondering what was their fate.