Friday, March 31, 2017

Rough Raw Rope

They had already talked among themselves about the rope.

Dozens of coils of it in a pile.
They had figured out they were sooner or latter be bound with it.
And it was going to hurt.
Jesse even said that was why they were forced to strip to the waist.

Greg and Paulo broke out into a sweat as they weaved the rope around Jesse's arms behind his back.
He did not make a sound as they bound them at his shoulder, biceps, elbows, forearms and wrists. Circling the hemp once around his neck they kept moving down his torso, tugging and pulling and forcing the rope to squash into he pecs and guts, his arms now forced deep into the small of his back. Kicking his feet from under him, Jesse crashed down onto the floor, his weigh on his arms.  Jesse cursed and kicked as they one shoved a part of his shirt into his mouth and tied it with rope between his teeth, while the other striped him to his shorts.

Then they rope his legs, bending each leg and looping rope around his ankle and thigh, The stress on his muscles cramped his thighs and hamstrings as he know was on his belly, laying in a pool of his sweat.

Tying a thinner piece of rope around Jesse's two large toes the grabbed his hair, pulled the youth's head back and tied his toes to his neck.

My heart was pounding with my chest.
This was going to be torture.
Jesse was still, not moving, but the ropes were already cutting into his body.

I knelt and surrendered my arms behind my back.
I never felt anything like this...
joints straining...
the pinching of my skin..
I never sweated so profoundly as my body revolted against the pain and the cramps.

I was on the floor, next to Jesse.  Our eyes showed helplessness and terror as we watched them grab Greg and tied him up.

The ropes were like a hacksaw cutting through muscle.  Any movement at all drew blood.  The ropes on Paulo and Jesse had blood stains on them.

One of the kidnappers came down to my face.

There was nothing we could do as we were beaten and knocked out.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Jake slowly awoke.
The drug they hat put into his beer worked quickly
And gave his kidnappers enough time to bind and gag him.

His head was pounding.
Something sticky seemed to be on his face.
He moved his hands to his head.
They did not move.
It was like a dream.
He tried to stand.
He could not.

As his mind cleared more and more he realized....

Somebody tied me up!

He panicked and squirmed by started to choke!

"Calm down Jake.  Calm down," he told himself.

He began to feel rope on him.

And tape.


He was bound to a chair.

His wrists had been crossed and tied.

He could feel the rope with his fingers.

There was no knot he could find, but he noticed that his numb wrists were moist.


It was then that he became aware of the stinging pain coming from his upper arms.

They were lashed and frapped to the chair sides, and his biceps had bulged in the rope they push his bound wrists up to the second rung and tied them there.

A rope, around his neck held him to the top rung.

Circling ropes lashed his check and abs to the back of the chair.

Each ankle had been pulled to the back leg of the chair and tied while each of his thighs were fastened to the corners.

A rug had been shoved into his mouth, and sticky duct tape covered his head, leaving only his nose open to breath.


I panicked and started to squirm in the chair.  It was then that I felt they had stripped me down to my shorts, and my motions
were making the ropes a hacksaw cutting up my skin.

So I sat still.  I could feel sweat (or was it blood) trickling down my chest and upper arms.

My heart was racing in my chest.  Somebody was coming.

I could hear the clicks of a camera.  They were taking pictures of me tied and helpless.

I was slapped several times in the face, almost making me choke from the tight rope around me neck.

Then they lifted the chair with my bound body and carried
it.   I heard the sound of a motor.....  They were driving me somewhere bound and gagged to a chair!


They stopped.
They puled me out and cut me off the chair.
They untied my wrists and then re-tired them in front of me.

I was hoisted up to a tree branch.

Someone pushed my head forward and tied my elbows together behind my

Then they pulled the tape off of my eyes.

It was dark.

It took a few seconds for my eyes to focus..

They drove off leaving Jake strung up by his wrists in the forget as a cold rain fell on his rope burned flesh.

The Chicago Dallas boy set for John Doe

(The date shows as April, 2007)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Awaiting the ropes.

All Pedro and Sean could so was shiver and sweat, as they awaited the ropes.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Paolo - the wrong guy


Paolo hung
Strung up by his arms.
Screaming until his voice rasped.

"You got the wrong guy
You got the wrong guy