Sunday, December 24, 2017

Gagged screams

The camera was turned off.
The rag was again stuffed into Jake's mouth.
It was taped.

The brought him back into the darkened room.

A small light was turned on.

The eyes of the Coach and his tow teammates squinted at the light

Jake could see that their upper arms, tightly bound to the top rung of the chairs and tightened as a tourniquet has cut deep into their triceps.

They sat Jake onto the chair with his arms, elbows and wrists bound together, forearms taped, behind it.

They tied each of his biceps to the uppermost rung,  circling the ropes around each, and then tightening it between his arms and the wood.  His bound elbows were tied to the second rung and his wrists to the forth. They ropes around his torso, binding him to the third rung.

They pulled his legs and tied each ankle to the rear legs of the chair and his thighs to the seat.

I could not move.
The rope was rough and coarse and had been scrapping my skin raw.
They tied my upper arms even tighter this time and it felt like
they were being amputated!

I looked at Coach and my buddies...
Terror and helplessness on their sweaty faces. 

The guy who tied me back into the chair grabbed my chin....

"You did a good job for the camera Jake!"

I mumbled a "FUCK YOU" through
my gag.

They left was...

Closing and locking the door.

Our gagged screams pleading for mercy!

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