Saturday, February 20, 2021

Barn roped


They knelt facing each other with their hands behind their heads, chest to chest.  There torsos were lashed together with the rope circling them a dozen times.

Their arms were put around each others bodies, and their wrists were bound together behind the other's back.

Were their upper arms overlapped each other, their biceps were bound together.

Their thighs were bound together, and their ankles tied up

They began to feel each other's hearts pounding in their chests, and the trickling of their sweat.

Their eyes were taped.

A rag was shoved down their throat and taped.

Their heads were put, cheek to cheek, and taped.

More rope was used to press their bound wrists into the other's spine.

The brothers were left.

Waiting for the ransom to be paid.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Gasping for breath

 Greg sat there, waiting for the ropes.  He knew he and his buddied were going to be bound.  His heart was pounding is his chest as he watched them rope up Mike.

He closed his eyes.

He was next.

Mike sat on the chair. They pulled his arms behind it, crossed his wrists, and tied them securely with rough strong rope.  His upper arms were lashed to the sides.  They pushed up his wrists causing his biceps to bulge in the rope. The rope burn was torture as his wrists were tied up to his neck, now bent backwards.  Ropes circled his chest and abs, lashing his torso to the chair.  He was depantsed, stripped to his shorts.  His thighs were tied together and bound to the seat of the chair.  His ankles, crossed and bound were pulled under the chair and were hogtied to his wrists bound to his neck.  Finally, they taped up his head, blindfolding and tightly gagging him.

To motivate those paying the ransom, they live feed a simple but effective torture....

They used this wheel to tickle the soles of our feet.  We had to keep control, for, when our legs jerked from the sensation, the rope from our ankles pulled our wrists and we choked.

We were tickle tortured for several hours.  Finally it stopped.  The ransom was paid.  But an insanity had come over us, and we had strained against the ropes that our bodies were raw with rope burn.

All we could was sweat, moan, and gasp for breath.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Restrained Marines


They pushed the first set of cuffs up our arms just above our elbows and secured them.  The second set bound our wrists.
They taped our forearms together from our elbows down to our wrists, and weaved more tape around our upper arms.
Circling our heads with the tape, we were blindfolded and gagged.
Our thighs, legs and ankles were taped.

With their sleeves folded up, the tape tore at the hairs on their arms and scrapped their skin raw.

They were dumped into the back of a truck and taken away.

They taped our fingers into a ball, sat us back to back, and taped our necks.
They circled tape around our torsos binding each us to another.
Pushed onto our sides, our legs are taped to each others.

Now the four of us were paired.  They pushed us together and put a large rope around around our legs, above our boots.  They hoisted us up until we hung by our boots, our heads a few inches off of the floor.  The then circled all the tape the had, mummifying the four of us.

And we hung there as they made ransom photos and videos.